Urban Alliance

Our Approach

We lead five initiatives to help our network participants build their capacity to address specific needs in our local communities and carry out best practices in serving people.

Here's how it works:

  • We identify needs faced by people in our local community through research and relationships.
  • We organize and facilitate a collaborative network of churches and parachurch organizations who share a common vision to help people and are providing programs and services to meet needs in our community.
  • We identify evidenced-based best practices to help programs improve their effectiveness.
  • We provide capacity-building services (research, training, consulting on best practices) and support (grants, volunteers, gift-in-kind resources) to help churches and parachurch organizations assess and improve the impact of their programs and outreach services that are helping people in our community.
  • We develop partnerships with additional community ally organizations that bring expertise and/or resource opportunities to support strategy implementation.