Urban Alliance

What We Do

Equipping churches and ministry organizations to reach more people in deeper ways

Urban Alliance provides support and leverages resources, relationships and research-informed best practices to help churches and ministry organizations in the Urban Alliance network implement strategic best practices so they may help more people in our community in deeper, more transformational ways.


our support

In 2016, we provided capacity-building opportunities for 92 programs run by churches and ministry organizations that participate in Urban Alliance initiatives. Our support included trainings, consulting on best practices, grant funding, facilitated gatherings, coordinating community partnerships, supplies and matching volunteers.


8,589people on average were served each month by initiative participants

Emotional Health

422 ministry leaders were trained in best practices

Back to Basics

$258,800 in grant funding was distributed to 36 projects

Next Generation

5,127 hours in service were contributed by 576 UAServe volunteers


48,437 people benefitted from $2,960,243 in World Vision supplies

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