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Urban Alliance partners with over 130 programs and community allies to bring lasting impact to the neighbors in our communities. The size and scope of what we do can sometimes be hard to grasp, so we have outlined many of the ways that we engage with our community, our UA partners, and volunteers. We believe that we can make a greater impact when we work together, leveraging our gifts and strengths to change lives for the better.


What We Do

Our 6,000 sq. ft. Distribution Center has led to more than $10 million in donated goods and supplies reaching schools and local programs in partnership with World Vision.

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Every year, hundreds of program and ministry leaders receive training and resources to help them best serve their communities. View our calendar of training opportunities, or

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UAServe helps our UA Network Partners connect with talented and motivated people looking for ways to serve their community.

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Colletive Impact opportunities allow UA Network partners, local churches and programs meet the very real needs of their neighbors.

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I want to unite to make a difference!


Areas Of Impact

Food Insecurity

According to Feeding America, over 360,000 people in CT are facing hunger - and over 90,000 are children. We partner with food pantries, community meal programs, and churches by providing training, resources, and supplies. We have also started grocery distribution events in partnership with Midwest Food Bank.

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Mental Health

It is estimated that over 50 million people in the US are impacted by mental illness every year. Urban Alliance works with churches and organizations to help them communicate about mental health in ways that offer hope, create safe environments where people feel comfortable seeking help, and equips care providers to respond sensitively and to effectively connect people who are seeking care to appropriate support

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School Partnerships

Educational inequities are a systemic problem with a reach across generations. Urban Alliance is partnering with schools, partners like World Vision, and our UA Network to make a difference in the lives of students..

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Second Chance Churches

Second Chance Churches welcome citizens returning from incarceration to be part of their church family. Urban Alliance helps to coordinate this effort, providing training and resources.

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I want to unite to make a difference!