Urban Alliance

Our Staff

Bill Kracke ›

Manager of Communications and Technology

Bill provides critical digital communications support for Urban Alliance.

Rosa McGuire ›

Manager of Initiatives

Rosa engages volunteers in meaningful, impactful service in our local community.

Joanne Perry ›

Director of Finance and Operations

Joanne is responsible for all accounting, business management and related administrative functions of Urban Alliance.

Rosaicela Rodríguez ›

Manager of Initiatives

Rosaicela manages activities within Urban Alliance's children and youth initiatives by engaging and coordinating with organizations in the Urban Alliance network and the community.

Jessica Sanderson, Ph.D., LMFT ›

Associate Executive Director of Programs

Jessica leads Urban Alliance's community research, strategic planning and implementation of Urban Alliance initiatives.

Perkin Simpson, MBA, MSFS, CAP® ›

Executive Director

Perkin is the Executive Director of Urban Alliance. Perkin is an ordained minister and has a vocational background in finances, philanthropy, communications, and organizational management & development.