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Children With Backpacks Going To School

The Opportunity

Educational inequities are a systemic problem with a reach across generations. Urban Alliance is partnering with schools, partners like World Vision, and our UA Network to make a difference in the lives of students.

How has UA helped the community?

  • Helped distribute 500+ backpacks filled with school supplies to Hartford area students at the Yard Goats Stadium back-to-school event
  • Distributed 300 backpacks at Sand Elementary School
  • Filled additional  backpacks for Trinity Academy & Weaver High School
  • Prepared 200 Teacher Care Packages
  • Distributed supplies to 48 schools serving 30,000 students

Addressing Community Needs

School Partnerships

A renewed effort for UA this year, endeavoring to match UA Network Partners with schools that have specific needs. We've been meeting with Hartford school officials and we are excited about the possibilities!

Teacher Resource Center

Partnering with World Vision, Urban Alliance is able to help coordinate the distribution of school supplies, from crayons to COVID PPE supplies. Teachers are able to "shop" for free in order to better serve their students.

Teacher Care Packages

Teaching was a difficult job before the pandemic changed all the rules. In an effort to support our teachers beyond providing supplies for their classroom, UA has created small care packages for teachers in a local school, encouraging them and encouraging self-care.



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Your support will:

  • Help provide staff and volunteers for the Teacher Resource Center
    ensuring every classroom UA serves can shop for the resources they need
  • Bolster community outreach events
    giving more opportunities to engage with community and spread the word
  • Increase our reach
    helping provide resources, supplies, and manpower to help more students and teachers

Unless designated otherwise, your donation will be unrestricted, providing support for all of UA, including the programs listed here.