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Saturday, Dec 17
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What would you do if you found out that one of the biggest challenges in distributing grocery and personal items to people in need is consistently coordinating distribution sites? Some organizations have plenty of storage facilities, volunteers, and more. But what about the organizations that have a heart to help, but don't have the resources or connections to make it happen?

In August 2022, Urban Alliance piloted its first pop-up Grocery Distribution event, connecting New Dimension Christian Center and Midwest Food Bank so that over 250 of our neighbors in Hartford received the grocery and personal items that they need. And that was just the beginning.

You Have a Part to Play

You can help UA as we help the UA Network by:

  • Providing reusable grocery bags. Many people who take advantage of our distribution events walk to our locations. By providing sturdy, reusable grocery bags, we make a way people to get home with groceries, personal items, and dignity.
  • Providing signage, publicity materials, and communications assistance. A distribution event is only successful if people know about it, your support can help provide lawn signs, flyers, communications assistance, and more.
  • Scheduling events and coordinating volunteer efforts takes time and effort! Your support can help fund the work.

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Bridging the Gaps

When UA found out that Midwest Food Bank was looking for regular distribution centers in the Hartford area, we immediately thought of the UA Network. With over 100 organizations serving "on the front lines", we knew that we had people who would see the need and want to help. But could they find enough volunteers to serve once a month or more? Would they have the resources to publicize the event? Did they have the volunteer who could coordinate the locations, volunteers, resources, and more?

That's when we realized that one of the best ways that we could serve was to be that coordinating effort. One church or organization might not be able to handle multiple events, but the UA Network could. Surely there was something we could do to make this happen?

Our pilot event proved that we can, in fact, make a difference by connecting organizations, programs, ministries, and churches that are already reaching out to and serving their neighbors to the material goods that organizations like Midwest Food Bank can bring to the region. We're just getting started!

Read more about our latest event!

Special Thanks

The mission of Midwest Food Bank to share the love of Christ by alleviating hunger and malnutrition locally and throughout the world and providing disaster relief; all without discrimination. In December 2020, Midwest Food Bank announced the opening of a 12th location in Connecticut - a 55,000 sq.ft. warehouse facility in Manchester, CT. 

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Your support will:

  • Help provide staff and volunteers for the Teacher Resource Center
    ensuring every classroom UA serves can shop for the resources they need
  • Bolster community outreach events
    giving more opportunities to engage with community and spread the word
  • Increase our reach
    helping provide resources, supplies, and manpower to help more students and teachers

Unless designated otherwise, your donation will be unrestricted, providing support for all of UA, including the programs listed here.