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Raise-The-Roof this giving tuesday

Tuesday, August 4th began like most days have this year: in quarantine. The forecast was a tropical storm; however, the storm would swell into a dangerous hurricane and leave many homes without heat, electricity or running water throughout the state. It's also the day we thanked God for sparing our colleagues' lives and the rest of our building when the roof blew off—yes, literally!

Urban Alliance's Roof was blown away by Hurricane Isaias

What you see in the image above is our roof...albeit severely misplaced in our parking lot, covering a newly totaled minivan, and just dangling off the corner of our building.

What you don't see is the warehouse full of donated supplies for Title 1 school teachers and programs serving vulnerable children and their families. You can't see all of the grant applications, PPE kit supplies or training materials we've developed over the years. You can't see all of the things our donors, volunteers, participants and community allies made possible.

That's why we need to Raise the Roof! When you Raise the Roof, you're helping Urban Alliance to recover from Hurricane Isaías and strengthening UA and network programs to weather future storms!

three ways you can get involved on december 1st

  • Share our crowdfunding page with family and friends or start your own!


get your ambassador toolkit here

  • Post an unselfie telling your friends why you support us (An unselfie is just like a selfie, but with a generous twist. Take a photo of yourself and tell your followers who you’re supporting for #GivingTuesday and why.)

Checks made payable to Urban Alliance can be mailed to:
Urban Alliance
attn: Perkin Simpson
62 Village St
East Hartford, CT 06108

Raise The Roof Progress 73%


  • 11/12 - we got our first two donations today! thank you for your generosity!
  • 11/13 - we got our first 20-square foot-sponsorship today! holy cow! thank you so much!
  • 11/18 - we're getting a $5K disaster relief grant from our friends at world vision! thank you!
  • 11/19 - we got another 4 square feet sponsored! you guys are amazing!
  • 11/20 - we're just over 1/3 of the way there and have sponsored 233 of 600 square feet! let's keep it going! start a fundraiser or give today!
  • 11/25 - we're at 40% and have a long way ahead of us! don't wait for Giving Tuesday—raise the roof with us today!
  • 12/01 - at 1pm we hit the 50% mark!! Praise the Lord with us!! That means 300 or 600 square feet are sponsored and we have 300 more to go!
    • it's 7:40pm and we've received another $2,300! What an amazing God we serve! We are now at 65% of our goal because of generous people like you!
  • 12/02 - We are so grateful for everyone's support thus far. We are only 28% away from our goal and will continue seeking support until we reach it. It's not too late, you can give any amount today!

We're so grateful for all of the support we've received this far and can't wait to cross the goal line with you by our side! Help us spread the word by sharing this campaign page with your friends, family and social media networks!

Urban Alliance takes fiduciary responsibility and donor transparency very seriously. We work hard to honor your generosity and use your donation in the most effective ways we can. Donations that exceed our roofing expenses will be reallocated to the area of most need. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Perkin Simpson, Executive Director.