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Outreach Groups Stuff 7,500 Bags With Health Resources for Hartford Residents

Article and photos by Urban Alliance staff.

Urban Alliance's Revitalize initiative helps churches and ministry organizations reach and serve people who are struggling to care for their physical health needs so that they are able to experience and maintain a lifestyle of wellness.

One expression of this is the Revitalize Community Health Outreach, a concentrated effort to get information about free and low-cost health services and incentives into the hands of tens of thousands of Hartford residents each year.

Hundreds of volunteers from local churches and ministry organizations distribute Revitalize health resource bags in a collaborative, one-day, door-to-door effort, with the goal of helping Hartford residents improve their nutrition and decrease the prevalence of adverse health conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

The resource bags help direct residents to www.RevitalizeHartford.com, which is updated by Urban Alliance throughout the year with information about additional resources and services in the city.
This year, the Revitalize Community Health Outreach Day will take place on Saturday, June 10, and in preparation for the big day, nearly 80 volunteers from 15 churches and ministry organizations packed 7,500 resource bags on Friday, May 12. The packing party also provided an opportunity for outreach participants to connect with one another.
A special thank you to all of the volunteers, from Calvary Church of West HartfordCalvary FellowshipCitadel of LoveFaith Ministries ChurchFaithCareGlory Chapel International Cathedral, House of Restoration ChurchPhillips Metropolitan CME ChurchPower and Faith Ministries Church of GodRehoboth Church of God, Southwest Church of Christ, The First CathedralValley Brook Community ChurchWellspring ChurchWilson-Gray YMCAWintonbury Church and CT River Academy and CREC: John J. Allison, Jr. Polaris Center, who helped pack health resource bags and prepare for the Revitalize Packing Party!
Click here to see more pictures from the Packing Party! 
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