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Creating a Trauma-Informed Culture in Basic Needs Programs

On June 28, 35 people from 23 churches and parachurch organizations participated in the Beyond the Basics quarterly meeting, where they learned how to create a trauma-informed culture in basic needs programs.
A trauma-informed program adjusts the way services are offered to meet the unique needs of those who have been impacted by crisis and trauma to more holistically support their healing process.
To better understand the perspective of a person who has experienced toxic stress or trauma, attendees discussed how a person might finish the statements, "I am...", "Others are..." and "The world is...". Identifying this narrative can help program leaders better respond to and more effectively help the people they serve.
Participants were also offered the opportunity to apply for UA grant funding to improve their program culture.
For more information about participating in Beyond the Basics, click the button below or contact Angela Colantonio, UA's Director of Implementation, Health & Basic Needs Initiatives.
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