Urban Alliance


Planting Roots and Growing Community

September began a season of growth for the children (ages five to twelve) at New Dimension Christian Center (NDCC). Their Children’s Ministry applied for and received a Next Generation capacity-building grant last year, to fund a retreat geared to empowering the children to take an active role in their community. Next Generation is an Urban Alliance initiative that helps churches and ministry organizations reach and serve youth so they develop the character, relationships and skills needed to succeed in their schools and communities.

One Community, One Vision

The teachers have taken a “one school” approach to shopping at the Teacher Resource Center, meeting together to share their shopping lists, check on needs, and to collaborate on how best to use all of the materials when they get back to school. As an under-resourced school, Parkville teachers and administration are used to making the most out of what they have at hand, a concept that is not foreign to World Vision’s warehouse, who receives donations from large companies looking to pass on their overstock.  Executive Assistant Nancy Rodgers shared, “It’s recycling at it’s best.”