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Connecting people to Christ, family and purpose.


  • Community Outreach Ministry

    Victory Church’s Community Outreach Ministry provides a variety of basic needs and health services on a monthly basis, such as prepared meals, clothing and toiletry provision, and health screenings and CT Money School financial literacy workshops. These services are often offered in partnership with community-based organizations and agencies. Ministry staff have received training and supplies to offer a Beyond the Basics Community Resource Center and coaching, which helps connect people to local services and resources that match their specific needs.

  • Care & Counseling Ministries

    Victory Church hosts ongoing Celebrate Recovery meetings on Wednesdays from 6:00-9:00pm and a seasonal DivorceCare support group on Mondays from 6:30-8:30pm. Victory Church’s Soul Care Ministry offers pastoral, marriage and blended family counseling by appointment.

  • Victory Kids/Victory Youth Community Outreach

    Victory Kids/Victory Youth Community Outreach provides opportunities for middle- and high-school aged children and youth to grow in their faith in God and develop leadership skills, facilitates supportive peer and adult relationships, and promotes service in the community.

  • Victory Church Community Outreach

    Victory Church Community Outreach provides expectant moms and parents/caregivers of young children an opportunity to learn from high-quality parenting education curriculum and supportive peer relationships on how to effectively engage and care for their young children.