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Making a Difference: Mental Health

Mental Health

The Opportunity

1in 5 adults in the U.S. (over 50 million people) experience mental illness every year. As numbers climb for depression, anxiety, addiction, and more, Urban Alliance works with churches and organizations to help them communicate about mental health in ways that offer hope and create safe environments where people feel comfortable seeking help.

Urban Alliance also equips care providers to respond sensitively and to effectively connect people who are seeking care to appropriate support, so that they can cope well and become emotionally healthy and resilient.

Addressing Community Needs

Charis website

Charis, is one of the most robust and long-lasting initiatives for Urban Alliance to adress mental health issues. The Charis website is a tool, managed by Urban Alliance, that can be used by individuals and organizations to help connect people in need of support to high-quality professional counselors, support groups, and specialized support services offered from a Christian perspective.

visit the Charis website

Mental Health Resources

Urban Alliance has developed informational and training resources on dozens of mental health topics. Printed resources are available for displays and resource centers, but Urban Alliance aslo offers many of these resouces as free downloads on their website.

mental health resources for individuals

mental health resources for programs

Training & Learning Communities

Urban Alliance provides training for counselors, programs, ministries, and churches on an ongoing basis. All of these learning opportunities are offered free of charge, equipping people and programs to engage the mental health challenges in our communities.



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Your support will:

  • Help develop resources and training curriculum
    allowing Urban Alliance to continue supporting mental health efforts in our communities.
  • Provide resources and materials
    for Christian ministries and programs that need them.
  • Increase our reach
    helping provide resources, training, and supplies to more programs that need them.

Unless designated otherwise, your donation will be unrestricted, providing support for all of UA, including the programs listed here.