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Beyond the Basics Equips Ministries to Help People Gain Stability in Their Lives

Article written by Urban Alliance staff.

Through Beyond the Basics, churches and organizations are working together to meet the basic needs of local residents and help them to make significant, positive changes in their lives through case management, a relational approach to helping people establish and achieve their personal goals.

This past summer, representatives from seven local churches and organizations participated in a case management training series hosted by Urban Alliance, where they gained knowledge about motivational interviewing, a collaborative, person-centered method for addressing the common problem of uncertainty about behavior change.

Last week, Urban Alliance hosted the same training series that was attended by individuals from four additional churches and organizations, as well as more representatives of the churches and organizations originally trained. 

These 11 churches and organizations have now equipped ministry leaders to implement motivational interviewing and case management in their respective ministries. By applying MI skills and case management as well as providing services that meet basic needs, these ministries have an increased capacity to help people achieve their personal goals and more stable lives.

At the training, a Beyond the Basics Hartford Resource Guide, which provides information about local programs and services to help address the underlying barriers people face in becoming self-sufficient, such as housing, employment, insurance and education, was shared.  The guide can be used to connect those served to additional services.

In the New Year, Urban Alliance hopes to make more of the tools, resources, and information shared at these trainings, such as the resource guide, available online. 

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