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Better Together Host Agreement

We are partners in an effort to help people achieve lasting change in their lives and our ability to build connections, strengthen programs and impact lives together is fueled by donors like you. And when you’re successful in achieving your goals, lives change for the better.

Better Together hosts age 18 or older, please read these expectations and sign below. Parents/legal guardians of hosts under age 18, please read these expectations to your child and sign below.

As a Better Together Host, I will:

  • Have a Positive, Hospitable Attitude
    It is essential for hosts to have a positive, hospitable attitude and be great event partners.
    • Be friendly host or co-host, if applicable, with your partner venue staff.
    • Provide guests with timely communication and a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Be Responsible
    It is important for hosts to be responsible and trustworthy, especially when handling donations.
    • Follow through on your event strategy and plans.
    • Be responsive to your guests and, if applicable, your partner venue staff.
    • Adhere to Urban Alliance’s host donation acceptance policies and procedures (below).
  • Open, Ongoing Communication with Urban Alliance
    Ongoing communication with Urban Alliance will help make your event hosting experience a positive one. Here are some ways to maintain open, ongoing communication with us:
    • Complete surveys about your event hosting experience.
    • Respond to communications from Urban Alliance in a timely manner.
    • Let us know if you would like to adjust the date/time/location of your event.
    • Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your experience.

Urban Alliance Host Donation Acceptance Policies and Procedures

  • All donations made before, during and after the event will be:
    • made only in the name of Urban Alliance, Inc.
    • kept in a safe physical location and never be deposited into a personal bank account.
    • documented to include donation details and donors’ contact information.
  • Hosts will clearly communicate that:
    • Urban Alliance is the sole beneficiary (not any particular individual or other organization).
    • Urban Alliance will provide written acknowledgement of donations and tax information directly to donors.

I have carefully read this Agreement and understand and agree with all of its terms and conditions. By signing below, I express my intent to enter into this Agreement. I also acknowledge that I have been given access to Urban Alliance Host Donation Acceptance Policies and Procedures. I understand that it is my responsibility to read the policies and procedures carefully, and I am fully aware of my obligations at all times to fully comply with the rules, policies and standards set forth therein.

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