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The Leverage Club

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Leveraging strengths to change lives isn't "just a tagline" around here. We know from experience that many hands make light work.

The Leverage Club at Urban Alliance is designed for people who look at their donations as investments toward a brighter future for our communities. These committed individuals have pledged $1,000 or more annually and actively monitor our outcomes through mid-year and annual reporting.

leverage club members receive

  • quarterly updates
  • a printed annual report
  • an opportunity to sit in on 1 UA training
  • an opportunity to sit in on 1 UA learning community meeting

“It’s the trust of the folks at Urban Alliance that lets me know my gift makes an impact. This work is a mission field and I am blessed to be a small part of it.”

- bill lindberg, valley community baptist church

Join the Leverage Club today by contacting Jaleith Gary, UA’s Director of Development.