Urban Alliance

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children and families were able to receive household items, nonperishable goods, and fresh produce

program leaders received personal protective equipment kits to keep their essential service programs open safely when people need them most

people built knowledge and skills to help them navigate new levels of stress, loneliness and uncertainty

Nobody knows what 2021 holds for certain, but our hope is in God’s faithfulness. With your support, we can continue to help people meet their most critical needs, navigate new emotional and relational challenges, and stay safe and healthy during essential service provision.

here’s how

  • equipping hundreds of Christian program leaders to serve people in an ever-changing landscape
  • developing resources to help people navigate an enduring season of isolation, uncertainty and acute stress
  • ensuring essential programs stay open and continue to operate safely and efficiently to meet increased demands and practice proper CDC guidance protocols

We’re asking you to help ensure these efforts are sustained because you know how critical the needs are in our community. Will you make a monthly donation of $30, or a donation of any amount, to meet heightened needs and increase hope?

Give Now

Checks made payable to Urban Alliance can be mailed to 62 Village St, East Hartford, CT 06108. To donate stock or other assets, please contact Perkin Simpson, Executive Director.
All donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.