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Urban Alliance

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Our goal is to help people in our local communities address their practical, emotional, relational and spiritual needs. We provide support and leverage resources, relationships and research-informed best practices to help churches and parachurch organizations in the Urban Alliance network implement strategies so they may help more people in our community in deeper, more transformational ways.

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Transforming a community starts with listening and responding to the needs of its people. Through Urban Alliance initiatives, churches and ministry organizations make a deeper, wider impact.

How We Help


In 2016, parents and caregivers received free items such as diapers, books & clothing from 8 early childhood programs

Helps reach and serve young children and their caregivers throughout critical developmental stages so children develop strong foundations for learning and growth.

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Next Generation

In 2016, teachers from 52 schools shopped 2,432 times for free school supplies, impacting over 24,000 students

Helps reach and serve youth so they develop the character, relationships and skills needed to succeed in their schools and communities.

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Beyond the Basics

In 2016, 17 community resource centers were made available to 4,631 people at basic needs programs

Helps reach and serve people who are lacking food, clothing or housing so they meet their basic needs and gain greater stability in their lives.

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In 2016, 14,000 Hartford households received resources about local free & low-cost health services

Helps reach and serve people who are struggling to care for their physical health needs so they are able to experience and maintain a lifestyle of wellness.

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In 2016, 23 churches & ministry organizations actively referred people to the Charis network for help and support

Helps reach and serve people who are facing mental, emotional or relational struggles so they are able to cope with life’s challenges and heal from painful experiences.

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Changing Lives

Food for Life: Hartford Church Provides Basic Needs, Connections & Support for Thousands

For more than 30 years, St. Monica’s Episcopal Church in Hartford’s North End has been helping meet the basic needs of thousands of people who have come through their doors. For single mother Nicola Halladene, the community resource coaching offered through St. Monica’s has been instrumental.

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