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Youth Challenge of Connecticut Inc. operates residential programs and conducts outreach to help persons with life controlling problems, such as substance abuse, find drug free, productive, and meaningful lives.


YC Men's Residential Center
The Men's Residential Center is centered at the community residence, 15-17 May Street, Hartford, Connecticut, which serves as the initial phase for male residents. Here, the incentive to forsake their past damaging lifestyle in order to pursue a new life is instilled. This induction phase includes counseling, classes, and group activities.

YC Training Center
More long-term training for men is provided at the YC Training Center or "The Ranch", a 21-acre farm located in Moosup, Connecticut. The training initiated at the Men's Residential Center in Hartford continues at the Training Center as individuals are challenged to progressively address personal, social, academic, and vocational areas in their lives. The training made available in this program instills and fosters a strong work ethic.

YC Adolescent Program
This program is in the process of being developed. If you have any questions or would like to donate towards the establishment of this program please visit

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Youth Challenge of Connecticut, Inc.
15-17 May Street
Hartford, CT 06105

Phone: 860.728.5199
Fax: 860.524.0418



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