Pillar Community Development Corporation

Pillar Community Development Corporation



The Pillar Community Development Corporation is a 501(c)3 organization established in 1994 to serve the needs of families in the Greater Hartford community. It's mission is to "foster and promote the growth, development and well being of individuals, families and communities in Connecticut, the United States and around the world.

We accomplish this mission by supporting enrichment programs that provide targeted life-changing experiences that focus on:

  • Children, Youth and Families
  • Health and Wellness
  • Economic and Community Development

Programs & Ministries

First Step Walk, Run & Bike-a-Thon
The First Step was established to encourage and support residents of the Greater Hartford area who are battling obesity. The event was designed to address four of the six recommended community strategy categories under the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Common Community Measures for Obesity Prevention Project which includes strategies to address healthy food and beverage choices, physical activity or limit sedentary activity among children and youth, creating safe communities that support physical activity, and encouraging communities to organize for change.

Golf for Educational Excellence
Golf for Educational Excellence was created to provide scholarships to college students from the Greater Hartford area. Over the last fourteen years, the tournament has raised over $370,000 and provided over 470 book scholarships. In 2013, the Pillar Community Development Corporation Scholarship at the Hartford Foundation of Public Giving was established to create a broader reach within the Greater Hartford community.

The purpose of YMOD & DEMP mentoring programs are to equip the young men and young women of The First Cathedral and the surrounding communities to be Godly, contributing, competent members of society by nurturing and strengthening their relationship with God, their families, their peers and their communities.

The mentoring programs provide leadership, services, support, and educational enhancement in the following areas:

  • New learning experiences
  • Leadership development
  • Problem solving and skill building
  • Exposure to colleges and universities
  • Exposure to entrepreneurship opportunities
  • Physical and personal enhancement
  • Spiritual and character development
  • Life skills development


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