Charis helps people become emotionally healthy and resilient by collaboratively increasing the impact of local care and counseling services.

Through Charis, organizations in the UA network are provided with support to increase the impact of their care and counseling services as they implement strategies to holistically help people in our community.

Strengthening and Expanding Care and Counseling Services
Organizations are strengthening and expanding their care and counseling services to increase opportunities for people to become emotionally healthy and resilient.

Classes to Increase Emotional Health and Resilience
Classes on topics such as suicide prevention, understanding depression, or healthy relationships are helping people to build knowledge and skills as they become emotionally healthy and resilient. Classes are also affirming the worth of people by decreasing stigma.

Sharing Care and Counseling Resources With People Seeking EmotionalĀ Support
Through participtation in and referrals to the Charis counseling network, opportunities are being provided for people seeking emotional care from a Christian faith-based perspective to connect with local professional counselors, support groups, care ministries and pastoral counselors.


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